Projects #

Ongoing Projects #

  • Polygloss - A language learning app that helps you express yourself and improve communication skills through an image-guessing game.
    • QIncubator
    • QMUL Enterprise Try It Award
    • QMUL Enterprise Launch It Award
    • Google For Startups Cloud Program

Publications #

Past Projects #

  • MiniMAS - Analysing language emergence between two DNNs
  • Lua Conf - An international Lua language conference
  • Lua.Space - The Lua Community Blog
  • London Lua - Lua user group meetings
  • Google Summer of Code - LabLua mentor
  • Air conditioner - A python configuration extension library for Apache Airflow
  • LRCP - Adding Lua Toolbox functionality to the lua package manager website
  • JS DuckHunt - A Javascript game for a workshop I taught on introduction to programming
  • Sailor - A web MVC framework in Lua, Google Summer of Code student project
  • BMONS - Beehive Monitoring System
  • Lua Ladies - User group for women of the Lua programming language community

Short Projects / For fun / Other #

  • Decodex - Learning Torch7 by creating an OCR for the Codex Seraphinianus book
  • Pochete - a blinking fanny pack that responds to music
  • Valua - A module for making chained validations in Lua
  • Empodere Uma Mulher - Replace the sexist phrases on Risqué’s nail polish with good phrases

Hackathon Projects #