I am no longer accepting donations for myself

I'm no longer a student (just graduated, yay!) and I want to thank everyone who has helped me so far to attend conferences, hackathons and other tech events. Your were essential to the building of my career.

However, I'm still an active member of the Lua community and I invest a lot of my time contributing to it. Not only because in this way I feel I like I'm giving back all the suport I got lately, but also because this is very enjoyable to me as it is my favorite programming language. For this reason, I decided not to take this page down and I'm still collecting donations, but no longer for myself. All money collected in this fund goes to investing in the Lua community, such as buying stickers, microcontrollers, etc. to distribute at tech events, orgaise events, improve the Lua community blog, among other things. If you're a company using Lua and have any ideas about investing in the Lua community and resources, do get in contact with me at dalcol [at] etiene.net. If you want to follow up my activities in the Lua community and track how these funds are being used, just follow me on Twitter, or ask anyone in the Lua community, including the LabLua or Roberto Ierusalimschy himself.

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