New blog being organized

using Tuxedo, SailorMVC and Lua

Posted by Etiene Dalcol on 21/01/2015 10:54
My blog will be empty for a while, since I'm currently writing my own blog software.
Please be patient! ^_^
EDIT: Slowly recovering old posts... :)


Etiene on 22/01/2015 12:36
test comment
LuaMVC on 22/01/2015 17:58
well done)
Bloop on 22/01/2015 20:31
This template actually looks pretty awesome! Looking forward to see what you'll post around here :)
Renato on 04/02/2015 17:08
And will it have RSS working?
Etiene on 05/02/2015 07:24
Why not? But I didn't start taking a look at it yet
Renato on 06/02/2015 21:06
Wel... I just ask because the current one isn't working hehehe